The origins

Since 60 years in the building industry

Di Donato family starts his business in the early postwar years, when developed gravel pits and ground movement, thanks to the construction boom.

1976 In the late 60’s there is the beginning in the world of colours, until the
opening of the first paint factory in 1976.
1980 Until the early 80’s the business is mostly orientated to constructions, to production of exterior coating and to export in Middle East, in rapid construction expanding.
1983 Di Donato family in 1983 starts the production of solvent based roduct
and expands the range. Near hydropaints and external coating it put a
complete line of enamels and finishings for wood.
1986 The period between 80’s and 2000 is carachterized by a strong
development, also obtained thanks to the acquisition of other two
paint factories and to the incorporation of IVC Romania in 1996.
The product unit based in Cluj-Napoca represent the very first move for internationalization of the Group with the aim to develop Rumanian market and Eastern Europe.
2000 In 2000 Di Donato SpA was established, it is the lead company where
are focused all the production activities, logistics, research & development.
2005 In 2005 starts the production of mortars for constructions.
This decade is defined by further business development, during this time the Group has structured itself strengthening its presence abroad.
2011 In 2011 Di Donato SpA is included among the leading companies in Italy for the production of coating for building industry. It is active through bases, branch offices, importers, in 26 countries over the orld.

Family and Italian spirit, our values

In spite the strong dimensional and structural group development, Di Donato family maintains its presence in the management, strongly mantaining those values and cultural system of the Group based on ethical and common sense principles typical of Italian family.
The Italian spirit is the second big theme that specifies the value system of Di Donato Group:

Aware of the important talents of creativity and cleverness proper of our Nation, we wish fulfil them, intented to take benefit to our country and to excel on international scale. We plan to head on value system of family and Italian spirit, because we believe that this can do the difference compared to some multinational companies that compete with speculative and of short time rationale. They demonstrate low attention to the Italian market needs because oriented to consider it as a not strategic target but as a simple completion of a global chess board.

Di Donato – Italian Family Company